Ice Shows

Off-ice Rehearsal Schedule

March 16, 2014


        1:00-1:15 (Big Room)       Hans: Ugly Ducking and Thumbelina (Miss Pat)


          1:15-1:45 (Big Room)       Hans:  Inchworms, Schoolchildren, Hans, Peter, Schoolmaster, Mayor, Adult Townspeople  (Miss Pat)


          1:45-2:00   (Big Room)           Ballerina, Head Ballerina and Ballet Teacher (Miss Melissa) 


          2:00-2:15   (Big Room)          Sea Witches and Mermaids    (Miss Melissa) 


          2:15-3:00   (Big Room)          Frozen - Please wear your color ribbons.  Trolls, Townspeople, Snow Birds, Snowflakes, Crystals, Snow Drops

                                                    And ALL Named PARTS/SOLOSISTS  (Miss Pat/Miss Martha)

          3:00-3:30   (Big Room)         LES MIS – Reveloution – ALL CHILDREN AND TEENS(PAT)

          3:00-3:30   (Small Room)      LES MIS – REVELOUTION – Pub People JUST NAMED PARTS (KELLY, KENDALL AND EDEN) (Miss Melissa)


          3:30-4:15  (Big Room)          DANCER IN THE DARK (formerly alternate Motown)–GROUPS A, B & C( Miss Melissa)


          4:15-5:00 (Big Room)          Motown Groups A, B, and C  (Miss Martha)








The Nutcracker on Ice 2013

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